Is there a limit of terms?
You can hire as many terms as you need. Remember, each process is for 1 term. We recommend activating 40% of processes with terms varying to INDEX / HOME, and 60% to sections of your site.

Are your process safe?
All of our processes comply the editorial rules of the search engines.

Is your process permanent?
Only 20% of the process is permanent. At the moment you cancel it, we will proceed to deactivate the non-permanent part.

Do they use BlackHat techniques?
No, blackhat uses intrusive techniques that will harm you in the medium term. We only use techniques 100% approved.

How long will it take to see results?
This varies on each web, and depends on many factors. Normally significant results are noted at 6 months, but may have results in 2 weeks.

Do you guarantee the top 1-10?
You are hiring a system that increases the power with each new process that you activate. Many of our clients are in top10. It will depend on factors such as: number of processes contracted, age of the web, niche, content, architecture, competition, etc. If your term has a lot of competition, you must activate several processes for it at intervals of 30/90 days and then evaluate your progression. Never hire more than one process for your term on the same URL without previously evaluating, and leave a minimum period of 30 days.

Do you accept Adult / Gambling websites?
Yes, if comply with the legal regulations LSSICE / LSSI / INTERNET ACT.

How do I cancel my process?
1) Login to your PayPal account. 2) Click on History. 3) Find your last payment. 4) Click Details. 5) Click on subscription number 6) Click unsubscribe button.

Should I make changes on my website?
It is important that the term is in the content of the indicated URL.

Can I see websites with the process to my website?
There are softwares and websites that will show you part of our structures, but not all of them. Our system is 80% private.

Do they send evolution reports?
No, our service is reasonably priced, and we do not include reports. You can download applications for tracking in Play like: SerpMojo.